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Instant karma

History is written day by day Memories are created to be played back at will At the time of a probable future. What we add today into the Book of Our Lives Are the following chapters of the life we have written at our birth. What if there was instant karma? What if each action undertaken Was like opening a Pandora box Bringing with it the karma of the souls we interact with? What if, indeed, everything mattered every single day of our life, Minute details adding up or subtracting our chances to Be the One we Want?


I received a Kindle for Xmas! Exactly what I had wanted. Now there's no stopping me reading day and night! Finished: "The Age of Innocence", by Edith Wharton. The archetype of the virginal bride, the sacrifices of a decent man to marry his class and keep faithful to the covenants of his family; the passion aroused by a liberal woman: Mme Olenska, fleeing a tyrannic Russian Count husband, fleeing Europe to return to her grandmother in New York (and cousin of the virginal bride) Hypocrisy. Sacrifice. Details of daily life in the upper class-rich with parties, jewelry, estate homes and dirty secrets. Exactly what we see in the News today. Nothing so different when you think of it. The description of 19th Century America is a real diversion from our era..