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your only point of power is Now

"In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must be achieved."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Something clicked in my head.
The timer of Time.
Everybody is hurrying around me, running in all directions to catch up with time, save time.
Time, I have plenty of it. Which is freedom.

The passage read on health in the Seth's book bothers me a bit. According to Seth, a person who does not believe in his/her intrinsic value will develop a dis-ease.
But a change of belief will have instant healing power.
Change the belief system and you'll change the nature of your reality.

  Your only point of power is Now.

the best thing you can spend on your children is time

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother"
Oprah Winfrey

My friend called me from SXM, "Don't come today, Marigot is closed, the young people are throwing eggs on the shop windows and annoying tourists; in protest, business people have convened to close down and are televising everything  to  go to the national News and influence the French Government."

A teacher here is telling me it could happen also in Anguilla, the youth is tense, violent in imitation of what they see on t.v. (not really deep down), body motion is showing those attack positions mimicked from too many serie B movies.

Our fault, the parents, since we bought their console games and have been using t.v. as a baby-sitter since two decades
The world of excess consumerism is proving to be impossible to carry on; it created lives empty of signification, stamping on spiritual values, and all social stratas are concerned- but the poorest are again poorer, incapable to secure the quick fix o…

leaving Anguilla

To leave or to stay?

I look around the house, trying to find something discordant to my eyes, nothing found.
I take the picture of the bed in B&W, trying to read doom and gloom in it, to only find another sense of beauty..

Lord Chesterfield, Letter to his son
"Those who travel heedlessly, observing only their distance from each other, and attending only to their accommodation at the inn of life, set out fools, and will certainly return so."

I can't see another reason to leave but the one to make a better living somewhere else.
Live a better life? I don't think so.
Where can I find this privacy, this peace, this total blending in nature

Where will I be in a middle of the countryside then a 5 mn car ride from total silence on a beautiful beach?
Where will I find friends  to count on both hands?
Where will I see the sky like a dark coat of stars every single night, with no neon light to compete with them?

Where will I hear: "Don't leave because I love y…

each day is a present

"the goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature"  Joseph Campbell

Monday Oct 19
6:05 a.m.
The fear of abandonment (known in my childhood) comes back to titillate me against my will.
but at 54, are we as vulnerable as at 5?

At the age of 5, I needed a family to give me a sense of identity, I was afraid of the unknown that life represented.

At the age of 54, Journal after Journal, emotions flooding blank pages, I recounted, day by day, the track of an artist life, a creative gypsy, to arrive at the following conclusion: I am still alive.
Who I am is contained in a body of 48 kilos, with salt and pepper hair and glasses on the rim of my nose. And everything is serene around me despite my inner hurricanes.

Nothing has changed here in Anguilla, my corner of paradise has not been too affected by the overbuilding of tourism in the villages around me, far from the coastal side.

The fact that there are more trees than men o…

is the grass really greener over the other side?

"Art is a harmony parallel to nature"

Friday October 16
8:57 p.m.
Am browsing through "Heal Thyself" by Dr. Edward Bach (again) and feeling a little disconcerted after comparing it meticulously with the report of the Health Plan President Obama is proposing (without forgetting my research on France's Social Security)
These three "programs" are totally contradictory.

Dr. Edward Bach calls for self-responsibility and the profound knowledge of Oneself in order to prevent dis-ease, by addressing untold burdens before they start manifesting themselves out in the body
with the taking of a few drops of flower essences, costing $10 a bottle
Heal Thyself is his message.

The National Health Care plans enclose the citizen in a system of state information (which i have always refused to comply)
But the right to health for all is a winning horse, it must become universal.  

What right?
The right to be handed out medication?
 the right to learn where our abe…

time flies..

"The road of life can only reveal itself as it is traveled; each turn in the road reveals a surprise"

Friday 16 October
6:24 a.m.

Where does time flies so fast?

° only a few minutes ago I woke up at 5:55

° Started the water boiling and went to pick up the clothes washed last nigh

° By the time I came back to the kitchen, the cat and the chicken had already eaten, and the water was hot.

° Light a votive candle in front of my mom's Buddha, bring the cup of coffee next to me beside the computer, and 30 minutes were already gone...

No wonder i reached 54 in the blink of an eye!

In Anguilla (which i would consider as the microcosm of the world, evolving at the speed of the macrocosm of the bigger world through the virtual world), what I have been witnessing since the past 7 years has been the crisis of a spiritual identity.
an erosion of moral standards
all happening with the ever presence of Blackberry, Facebook, twitter, flickr etc.

it is painful to realize that th…

we are not born equal

 "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got"
Janis Joplin

Thursday October 15
6:25 a.m.

I thought, for a very long time, that all men and women were born equal.
i found out that i was wrong

° there is a privileged class enjoying nutritional wealth, helping the growth of the brain on the same prorated basis that the one of the body

° there are the undernourished, from whom are requested a strenuous physical regimen during childhood or the teenage years, labor too disproportionate with their strength

i think (and it is only hypothesis) that at a certain moment when physical survival demands more energy than necessary from the growth hormones, that the mental stops dreaming (creating) its life and incorporates (by default) the dogmas of religion and the cultural ancestral laws of the clan
it can be talked into believing anything, so long as it is not responsible of the decision.

i believe that today the teaching methods of Montessori and Waldorf are those creatin…

true victory

Tuesday October 13

In the words of Dr. Edward Bach: "To struggle against a fault increases its power, keeps our attention riveted on its presence, and brings us a battle indeed.... To forget the failing and consciously to strive to develop this virtue which would make the former impossible, this is true victory."

"Don't make excuses
Make good"
Elbert Hubbard

spiritual wellness

"The traveler's eye view of men and women is not satisfying. A man might spend his life in trains and restaurants and know nothing of humanity at the end. To know, one must be an actor as well as a spectator"
Aldous Huxley

Thursday October 15
6:25 a.m.

A big thunderstorm has started, the  rain entered by all the open windows, as for me, i just went back to bed.
for somebody who is supposed to leave at the end of the month, i have touched no suitcase and made no box yet.
in doubt, don't do nothing. just rest- sleep will bring the answer somehow.

another business relationship entered with full faith and ending doubting myself.
what's wrong? is spirituality compatible with self-preservation? or is it annihilating every chance to survive in the business world of today?

mostly what i have to offer as a consultant is a human relationship: i am an exceptional confident, a friend with whom you can speak your language freely (figuratively and ethnically), with whom you can…

A past full to the rim

"When you feel fear, bring back your attention to your highest objective. Imagine yourself at your peak performance, surrounded by beauty and friends"
James Redfield

Growing old, it is to remember the memory of a past full to the rim.
It is to call to mind experiences that should have led to wisdom, to the mastery of our life.
it is to know Oneself, irreverent to the public opinion.

Did i grow old well?
Did i manage to establish healthy limits for my peace of mind?
do i follow my own advice or am i still lying to myself? ("Do as i tell you, not as i do")

no pain: no loss of vital energy

"In an age of information overload, synthesis is what matters"

Sunday, October 11
6:44 a.m.

Analysis of a pain, to understand who she is and how to appease her, and heal her.
she is like a shadow overcasting my joy of life..

the pain emanates from the neck, and chooses to overflow on the shoulders.
It can be either joint pain or arthritis

let's choose my own interpretation, without being influenced by anybody from the outside world.
man's judgment will be simple: i am sick of a disease to which they will declare war!

The actual debate on "Health Care" in the United States occupy the headlines of every printed newspaper, on tv, on radio and in the blogosphere.

is it the responsibility of a government to insure the health of all its citizens?
some are adamantly against the idea, saying that it will infringe on the civic freedom of every citizen, arguing that we will all be on file and represent only numbers (the policy state of a dictatorship)
and some are fo…


"In times of doubt and strain, there is another phrase worth using: "I am grounded in my spiritual purpose, there are no emergencies"
Julia Cameron

Friday October 9

My entire spine is hurting, for having sat too long stretches at a time, over the months (and years?)
The world in which we live, glued in front of the screen of a computer, is not a world allowing us to keep a strong body if we do not practice some kind of daily physical exercise.

Yesterday, Hope was remarking (accurately) that the hype of cellular phones and especially blackberries will start a global health concern in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome (typing all day long on a miniature keyboard).

Witness of a civilization trapped by a world of machines (Aldous Huxley comes to memory), i can't seem to find a solution to escape from it myself.

Refusing to confront a logical reality,  preferring to choose to overlook everything as if daydreaming,
i am trapped by my dreams, following them without contemp…

sunday at the beach in Anguilla

Shoal Bay Beach

Those beaches, it's like lost paradise, they hypnotize you

There's something about Anguilla, its culture has been more preserved than on other Caribbean islands.

At least at this date: 2009