is the grass really greener over the other side?

"Art is a harmony parallel to nature"

Friday October 16
8:57 p.m.
Am browsing through "Heal Thyself" by Dr. Edward Bach (again) and feeling a little disconcerted after comparing it meticulously with the report of the Health Plan President Obama is proposing (without forgetting my research on France's Social Security)
These three "programs" are totally contradictory.

Dr. Edward Bach calls for self-responsibility and the profound knowledge of Oneself in order to prevent dis-ease, by addressing untold burdens before they start manifesting themselves out in the body
with the taking of a few drops of flower essences, costing $10 a bottle
Heal Thyself is his message.

The National Health Care plans enclose the citizen in a system of state information (which i have always refused to comply)
But the right to health for all is a winning horse, it must become universal.  

What right?
The right to be handed out medication?
 the right to learn where our aberrations are leading us and use self-empowerment?
the right to healthy food, water and protection against the elements in a decent housing?
the right to an opportunity to make an income according to the local resources?

In my case, does a National Plan apply?
I humor to think that i am an Evolved being, free to use the power of my mind to preserve my life, my joy, and create my work
Today, after this financial crash of 2008, I find myself like many others deprived of a source of income, morally wobbling, causing risks to my health if i let it drag on
Why aren't i consistent in my assertions? (which would become aberrations if i deny them now)
why don't i develop a thinking routine which would make any doubt impossible?

i suppose that some will recommend to pack my bags and move  somewhere where the grass is greener, try to adapt myself there (despite the cold weather and the lack of friends and family)

So let's say that i have entered a sabbatical, to explore options and choices for my life

° -1- return to Society with all it requires of paper work and obligations to fill up this and that form with very precise criteria of information (how useful is it sometimes with the subject at hand?)
° -2- stay outside of society, vulnerable but free to choose so, without any paper work to fill up, since i will be requiring no help from any government

is it behaving like the ostrich with her head in the sand?

but leave this beauty behind, this total merging with nature in all these little villages, how can I think the grass is greener somewhere else?
which grass?
do they still have grass in the streets in other countries?
do they respect existing trees (as in this picture) when they build their roads?


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