time flies..

"The road of life can only reveal itself as it is traveled; each turn in the road reveals a surprise"

Friday 16 October
6:24 a.m.

Where does time flies so fast?

° only a few minutes ago I woke up at 5:55

° Started the water boiling and went to pick up the clothes washed last nigh

° By the time I came back to the kitchen, the cat and the chicken had already eaten, and the water was hot.

° Light a votive candle in front of my mom's Buddha, bring the cup of coffee next to me beside the computer, and 30 minutes were already gone...

No wonder i reached 54 in the blink of an eye!

In Anguilla (which i would consider as the microcosm of the world, evolving at the speed of the macrocosm of the bigger world through the virtual world), what I have been witnessing since the past 7 years has been the crisis of a spiritual identity.
an erosion of moral standards
all happening with the ever presence of Blackberry, Facebook, twitter, flickr etc.

it is painful to realize that the phenomenon of global village is bringing the same formatted style of life to every place when a dollar can be made in tourism
Miami beach is trying to be reproduced on the same scale on a beautiful beach on the West side as we  speak
although there are plenty villas and beautiful hotels having proved to be of excellent service over the course of the years, showing a sense of service and cultural heritage to this island. 1/2 empty for most of them..

As an ex-pat, living here by choice instead of family positioning, I can see the beauty where natives are seeing restriction (compared to what is portrayed on t.v.)
the criteria giving me the knowledge which helps me understand other people better is now asking these questions first:
are they racists, colonialists, Caribbeans or French, American, British etc.? will they respect the host country and will they train the local force?

Does evolution have to mean erosion or can it mean betterment and environmental management?
can each crop (each country) be helped to become self autonomous in respecting their resources or do they have to be grafted, cloned with another genetic crop input?
is americanizing everything the only solution?

follow the corporate money trail...


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