the best thing you can spend on your children is time

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother"
Oprah Winfrey

My friend called me from SXM, "Don't come today, Marigot is closed, the young people are throwing eggs on the shop windows and annoying tourists; in protest, business people have convened to close down and are televising everything  to  go to the national News and influence the French Government."

A teacher here is telling me it could happen also in Anguilla, the youth is tense, violent in imitation of what they see on t.v. (not really deep down), body motion is showing those attack positions mimicked from too many serie B movies.
Our fault, the parents, since we bought their console games and have been using t.v. as a baby-sitter since two decades
The world of excess consumerism is proving to be impossible to carry on; it created lives empty of signification, stamping on spiritual values, and all social stratas are concerned- but the poorest are again poorer, incapable to secure the quick fix of their addiction (new game, new cell, new anything hip)

So many families torn down after the loss of work from one or the two family members
Individuals living parallel lives under the same roof are now facing each other on a constant basis, and i can understand the depression of parents and the anger of children

Why all these over time spent at work to have nothing left in the end, no real family bond and no house?
Is there love left for one another to fall back unto?


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