we are not born equal

 "Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got"
Janis Joplin

Thursday October 15
6:25 a.m.

I thought, for a very long time, that all men and women were born equal.
i found out that i was wrong

° there is a privileged class enjoying nutritional wealth, helping the growth of the brain on the same prorated basis that the one of the body

° there are the undernourished, from whom are requested a strenuous physical regimen during childhood or the teenage years, labor too disproportionate with their strength

i think (and it is only hypothesis) that at a certain moment when physical survival demands more energy than necessary from the growth hormones, that the mental stops dreaming (creating) its life and incorporates (by default) the dogmas of religion and the cultural ancestral laws of the clan
it can be talked into believing anything, so long as it is not responsible of the decision.

i believe that today the teaching methods of Montessori and Waldorf are those creating the most chances to address the needs of a future generation of peace (these methods emphasize personal reliance and do not introduce the basics of competition between students)

i think that they are the most active methods of acquiring knowledge, using the 5 senses of the children in the understanding of their universe

television and internet are grave distractions
instead of being in nature, in the action and the movement of their bodies, children stay physically passive in a virtual world which indelibly makes its marks in the perception of life experience in their subconscious mind
but they are also tools of knowledge and convenience to do research and take care of daily details (airplane ticket/home shopping etc.)
the only advantage of the internet is to have at our disposal tools allowing us a considerable gain of time (lost in surfing unrelated subjects)
it also forces the number of experiences (which doesn't preclude that these experiences have been understood, assimilated, ready to be used) at a vertigo speed

 i wonder if all these extra speed sensations are really understood?
I wonder if all this (intellectual) knowledge discovered in so little time does not achieve to scramble the messages about the needs of experience of the body, creating thus obesity and chronic disease ?
i wonder if humans have not sacrificed their well-being to the stake of science?
if they have not offered their free will to the influence of all type of journalism, dictating their programmed mode of thinking?

wherever i am, i need to take stock of the situation at hand.
is my degree of consciousness able to evolve in the ambient degree of consciousness surrounding me?
am i regressing, stagnating or progressing?

once this verification made, it is my duty to act.
to leave or to stay must always be a question answered by a choice of my own

once the decision to leave is made, the present moment becomes again a temporary illusion, created to sustain my need of identity in this physical reality
today, when a different need arises, i do not question it anymore 
i met all the predicted seasons of life since 54 years, letting them carry me through their ebb and flow, deeply feeling each sensation taking life inside of me
a flash of memory can replay all these movies lived with my imagination, which has never missed a beat from each experience

work solo? it is to cut oneself from the strength created by a group
to find a group more noble and powerful than my little solitary life will be my next credo
i will have all the time in the world if it is written as my destiny


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