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Wednesday, September 22, 2010 5:44 a.m. This is the first painting Mathias ever painted, here shown in context, to show its size. Mathias likes to paint larger than life!


No more painting, sculpture this time for Coccinella: Mathias Durand-Reynaldo. a wink to our belief system..

For French people

From Coccinella, a painter who lives on my island. I personally love the painting! Josephine and Napoleon... I wish Mathias all the luck in the world with his career, if only he could find a breakthrough, Artists are so useful for our societies!

Religious fanatics: DO NOT LOOK!

September 21, Tuesday 8:31 p.m. Coccinella has striken again, my friend Mathias Durand-Reynaldo is painting at his best, humming the air and reporting his artist's version of the News.

The validity of the soul

Saturday, 18 September 3:14 a.m. "Attention to 'what is' brings you more of 'what is'. The only way to improve your life is to imagine what you want it to be from now on." How many years  have I been toying with these thoughts, unable to put them into action? What magic is now operating in me and dispelling the cobwebs of incomprehension of the past? Have years of practice paved the way for this sudden awakening? So many things "bug" me with what life causes me to witness around me. Today is Saturday morning, 3 a.m. In the Western world at least, last night was party night. People are going to bed at that time instead of awakening. Their minds are in various stages of consciousness: drunk, exhausted from the week's attention at work, looking forward to a programmed well deserved schedule of attention away from work, in various stages of decompression or concentration on their own pleasure (back to a more leisurely pace and attention to