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The most valuable skill you could ever develop..

is the skill of directing your thoughts towards what you want, and then give individual attention to that.

it is only your life experience that brings knowledge to you.

La plus grande competence (habilete, aptitude, technique) que l'on puisse developper c'est d'obtenir le talent de diriger nos pensees vers ce que nous voulons, et de ne donner notre entiere attention qu'a cela.

Il n'y a que notre experience de vie qui nous emmene la connaissance.

Joy of Life/Joie de Vivre

I know that many things arrive at the same time. I know that time seems to have accelerated and that the list of things to do and the list of people to see or call get longer  day after day, year after year, and that we will never have the time to do everything.

Je sais que beaucoup de choses arrivent en meme temps. Je sais que le temps semble avoir accelere et que les listes de choses a faire et de gens a voir ou a appeler s'allonge de jour en jour, d'annee en annee, et qu'on n'aura jamais le temps de tout faire.

I carry my so precious pink agenda around, my book of days on which are written the names of the players, the numbers and the facts that have molded the person that I Am right this minute.
That's why I keep a diary, like a Confession Board, to which I report my victories and my failures, my joys and my pains, almost every day.

J'emporte mon precieux agenda rose partout, mon livre des Jours sur lequel sont ecrits les noms des personnes qui …