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A Thousand Splendid Suns

"It's not easy to find happiness in ourselves, and it is not possible to find it elsewhere"
Agnes Repplier

Monday 30 november
7:51 a.m.
Just finished reading the book: "A thousand splendid suns", from Khaled Hossini. Daunting, beautifully written.
The story of these two Afghan women was incredible to hear of. We, in the Western peaceful countries, we have the luxury to demand civil rights. Women in these war countries have no right at all. Like furniture, they are used for a very perfunctory function. They are owned by their husband. 

It shames me to think that I have been complaining about not finding a job in my specialty, fulfilling all my dreams, while women somewhere in the world are born without dreams of their own. 
It shames me to think that i consider myself a writer, knowing that i will never be able to write this type of masterpiece.
today i am humbled at other writers' achievements, dubious that i can match their own talents.
And it doesn'…

Artist date

"A man must carry knowledge with him if he would bring back home knowledge"
Samuel Johnson

Saturday 28 november
7:22 a.m.
Artist's Date last night, watching Ray Charles with my friend Hope.
morning walk with Ray on the iTouch.
i've made progress, my stance is more and more powerful. walking on this edge allows me to test my balance and my sense of awareness.

my legs and my entire body like this! walking is a pleasure and a privilege, i'm falling in love with it again, goodie!
brought the Nikon D40, one good shot of the gate of the neighbor's villa. The sun was here, giving a sense of depth and volume to everything the shadows touched.

amazing what difference a day makes! in my outlook on life. everything switched.

our own heart is our temple

"There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple..."
The Dalai Lama

Friday, 26 november

At this morning's meeting of the new Artist's Association Anguilla is creating, I met a young architect conveying a sense of strength of character and knowledge of his profession- it's almost as if his words describing the importance of trained architects were conveying a higher meaning, able to rock people into consciousness.
An educated revolutionary mind for this small country, able to effect change.

Matt, the young architect, was talking about rising the degree of awareness of quality on this island.
I mentioned it was the toughest part. How do you generate an awareness where there is seemingly no need for it?
How do you interest people about something they have no sense of acknowledgment?
Matt said he is preparing a coup. I sincerely wish him success with it!

the Bach Flower Remedies

"Our lives improve when we take chances...
and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves."
Walter Anderson

Nov 11

Marc was asking me yesterday: "What do you really want to do with your life?"

" I want to heal people. I want to be useful, and if my photos, my words can bring beauty, I teach them how to appreciate happiness.

Also, I had studied a therapeutic method originating from England: "The Bach Flower Remedies". I would love to help people with these flower essences, what do you think?"

"What are these medication made of? They will verify all your whereabouts, afraid that it could be some type of drug."

"Well then, individuals could just buy Dr. Bach's books and administrate the remedies they would need. But there is a whole philosophy behind these flower essences, and that is to treat the mental state before it degenerates into an ill-ness."

"There is no true healing unless there…

the only thing you've ever really had is yourself

"The only thing you've ever really had is yourself"

Wednesday, 11 November

Yesterday i painted some "bride's tears", these little pink flowers growing everywhere, whose leaves are shaped into a perfect green heart.

in front of me, through the clean windows, the sky is offering a dawn with the pink and blues I used to see so often while living at the Cove. Nature is teasing me into dreaming again...
The pink has become orange with sparkles of gold... engorged black clouds fill up the other spaces in the sky, a light breeze sends chills into the leaves of the baby avocado tree...
I plant trees for the future, to place in the sanctuary I will one day call home.

12:20 noon
Didn't go out the whole day. I hibernate...  clean house, eat very healthy, sleep, read, think thoroughly before jumping in any type of action.
In which type of situation am I diving in? Where does this action bring me? For how long? Weeks, months, or only a few days?

In the meantime,…