the only thing you've ever really had is yourself

"The only thing you've ever really had is yourself"

Wednesday, 11 November

Yesterday i painted some "bride's tears", these little pink flowers growing everywhere, whose leaves are shaped into a perfect green heart.

in front of me, through the clean windows, the sky is offering a dawn with the pink and blues I used to see so often while living at the Cove. Nature is teasing me into dreaming again...
The pink has become orange with sparkles of gold... engorged black clouds fill up the other spaces in the sky, a light breeze sends chills into the leaves of the baby avocado tree...
I plant trees for the future, to place in the sanctuary I will one day call home.

12:20 noon
Didn't go out the whole day. I hibernate...  clean house, eat very healthy, sleep, read, think thoroughly before jumping in any type of action.
In which type of situation am I diving in? Where does this action bring me? For how long? Weeks, months, or only a few days?

In the meantime, I have decided to live life through the eyes of the artist in me.

Went avidly through the pile of Time Magazine in 4 or 5 days. Even if i don't know all the names mentioned, the outside World still fascinates me.

In the last one read, I didn't like the headlines:

° President Obama postponing his meeting with the Dalai Lama for after the one with the Chinese dictator;

° Brazil will be the next country holding the Olympics in 2010 (do they really need more greed to become more corrupted?)

° David Letterman's sex scandal and his quasi absolution from a certain faction of the public (sorry, but I think of all these women who had to sleep with him in order to secure their job),

° and above all, the most revolting piece of news is this vaccination campaign against the swine flu every government has bought into to deliver free of charge (by nasal spray) to all their population!

(But i must add, whoever invented the nasal spray is a genius- less possibility of breaking, no extra stock of needles and syringe, can be auto-medicated, instantly available in any situation.
The cost must have been seriously reduced if we also factor in the reduction of the need of trained professionals)

Why, in those instances, is the movie: "Outbreak" coming to mind?


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