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Thursday 19 August
4:20 p.m.
Bought a big size dictionary Larousse Illustré. I read it like a picture book when I was at school. Good times. Good memories. Good intellectual karma.
I also bought a French magazine as I must practice my French if I want to better it.

Something is brewing with the Muslims dictating their way of life in France. My French friends are talking about another revolution, so I must listen to both sides. American opinions about the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero. The wide spreading of hassal meat at French supermarkets.
Why do Muslims or Arabs remove every drop of blood from an animal before they eat it?
Some say it creates suffering in the animal, long standing fear. Some say 2000 years ago it was more hygienic to treat the meat that way.


"Photograph: a picture painted by the sun without instructions on art."
Ambrose Bierce

Empowering writers. Education.

3:55 a.m.
Awake since one hour. Writing on the blog, woke up full of energy after last night's dinner with my son and his wife. A dose of love and my world is brighter!

Got pangs of guilt, like: "I never went to Writer's School and I want to write a book. Should I take a course?"
Googled: write a book, and a page of options came out.
The site: gave me exactly the type of information I was looking for.
"How to write a novel in 100 days or less", by John Coyne, softened me with the first words met. There's even a daily log -with each day a word of encouragement, advice, or wisdom or a task to get the book written. 

These are the words of encouragement I found on the opening of the article:
"Novelist Toni Morrisson put it this way: "If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
What you need:
° I believe that you can write a simple English sentence (after …

Plugged in

Aug 18, Wed

Here I am right now, a human of the 21st century.
° The iTouch plugged to my ears,
° the iPhone plugged into the electrical socket (10% battery left),
° the fingers tapping keystrokes which animate a screen in front of me, recording imprints of information.

Totally plugged in.

Be mindful of how you approach time

Be mindful of how you approach time.
Watching the clock is not the same as watching the sun rise.

Sophia Bedford-Pierce

About Education

Monday August 16

 Women in love, by David Herbert Lawrence

"Do you think the children are better, richer, happier, for all this knowledge; do you really think they are? Or is it better to leave them untouched, spontaneous. Hadn't they better be animals, simple animals, crude, violent, ANYTHING, rather than this self-consciousness, this incapacity to be spontaneous.

Hadn't they better be anything than grow up crippled, crippled in their souls, crippled in their feelings-so thrown back-so turned back on themselves-incapable of any spontaneous action, always deliberate, always burdened with choice, never carried away."
"Never carried away, out of themselves, always conscious, always self-conscious, always aware of themselves. isn't ANYTHING better than this? Better be animals, mere animals with no mind at all, than this, this NOTHINGNESS-"

"But do you think it is knowledge that makes us unliving and selfconscious?"

"Yes. It is the mind, and …

Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

Sunday 15 August
6:13 a.m.

At the first stretch of my body, sharp pain in my right knee, shooting a wave of instant fear.
 Ok. My work today will be simple: raise my vibrations and totally concentrate on something more pleasant. Apply what my late reading is inviting me to apply if i want to be in charge of my life experience.

Turning to books for directions:

"Seth Speaks" joins the Teachings of Abraham Hicks but in more difficult terms to understand. Some studying and re-reading will be needed on a regular basis if I really want to change.
Something is sure: i cannot dwell on thoughts of disease and expect to be well.

So let's move on: Two of my favorite readers said:
"Seth was one of my first metaphysical teachers. He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life."
Marianne Williamson. Author of : "A Return to Love".
and Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of: "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" said:
"The Seth books present an

The Secret

Le secret, pour vivre vraiment heureuse, c'est de m'accepter comme je suis aujourd'hui, forces et faiblesses pareillement.

Le secret, c'est d'etre en admiration devant tout ce que la vie nous emmene, tout ce que font les gens qui creent differemment de nous pour trouver leur bonheur.

Le secret, c'est de voir la vie avec  l'etonnement des enfants, qui observent sans avoir aucune idee preconcue,  avant qu'un adulte ne vienne et y place sa version des faits, son jugement.

The secret, to really live happy, is to accept myself the way I am today, strengths and weaknesses included.
To accept that today everything is already perfect, as it should be.

The secret is to be in awe in front of all that life brings to us, in front of everything that people do, creating differently than us to find their happiness.

The secret is to see life through the awe of children observing without preconceived ideas, until an adult brings his/her own version of the fact…

Blogging or not blogging

Thursday 12 August

Went on the roof to take pictures of my surroundings. Decided it was the best time to learn photography. Some shots were made with and without the polarizing filter, just to know exactly which technique used will give me the perfect lighting I want.

Trying to decipher the reasons I'm blogging.
Am I a buzz whore -to paraphrase the buzz gurus I'm reading (David Seaman and Seth Godin).
Is blogging the natural extension of my marketing and publishing background?

I'm a little bit lost with all these important life decisions to be made.
People are high strung around me.
Fortunes are being made and fortunes are being lost.
Couples are starting and couples are breaking up.
Where do I stand in all of this?

My most important action for the time being is this one: recoup and forget the rest of the world.
Concentrate on what I want, not on what other people want from me.
Go to bed. Sleep. The answers always come clear when I sleep.

The more I avoid people, the less…


In the last magazine I had produced in Anguilla, I decided to talk about my friend Judy who had changed course after a life in Real Estate in Canada, to become a facilitator in drumming for the local children.

Am still waiting to gather the wherewithal to accomplish another magazine, but in the meantime, I love to watch the calming pictures and read the words shared by Judy in the article: LIFE IS A CYCLE.

Just showing a slice of blue of my Caribbean sea...Cap Juluca. Anguilla.

Life goes on

Saturday October 24
7:30 a.m.
Magnificent day of October, birthday (24) of my little girl Tanya

I remember when these two gendarmes knocked on the door at 6 a.m., to announce that she was dead at the Guadeloupe's hospital, on the 4th month birthday of her short life

Stuart Wilde would say:
"You have to be strong in life if you want to be free
You cannot let your energy lean on others, metaphysically, physically or financially
Money is freedom
You manage  to live not far from the airport so at the wink of an eye you can leave the pit you are in and fly towards bluer skies and calmer seas.."

But there is a life lesson between my children and me
What is the truth i must teach them?

Moral standards (logic) in certain cultures require the young to respect their elders, for these elders detain a knowledge belonging to the past (which the youth have not experienced and will never be given to live.)

"The difference is that these young people take it for granted that they'r…

Brightening life one thought at a time

I'm making my world a better place by creating beauty around my every day
Today: finishing a bar stool created for my son

Viva la Vida!

August 2
6:56 pm

The day went on peacefully, it's almost impossible to recognize this girl as the same woman guilty and afraid of the past few months.
I'm betting on the assumption that Abraham's method of living life is the best that could ever happen to me (and to anyone).

The Law of Attraction is adamant. It will deliver to us everything we give our attention to for more than 18 seconds.
In the past, I was mainly concentrating on the notion of lack when confronted to the situation I'm now in. Always, "where is the money going to come from?" will pop up in my head day in and day out.
Result: confusion, loss of appetite, loss of self-esteem, depression and at times semi-suicidal thoughts (sickness or self-sabotage).

Drama was shown all around me in The News, every one I met would say with condescension: "Oh, and with the economic crisis we're into, it's not tomorrow you will find employment."
I'll go home thinking: "w…

hurricane season

August 1st, 10:53
Current Mood:awakeCurrent Music:In this World, Moby My girl friend sent me this message: watch out for an active tropical storm forming around Martinique.

The price to pay to live in Paradise on a tropical island