Blogging or not blogging

Thursday 12 August

Went on the roof to take pictures of my surroundings. Decided it was the best time to learn photography. Some shots were made with and without the polarizing filter, just to know exactly which technique used will give me the perfect lighting I want.

Trying to decipher the reasons I'm blogging.
Am I a buzz whore -to paraphrase the buzz gurus I'm reading (David Seaman and Seth Godin).
Is blogging the natural extension of my marketing and publishing background?

I'm a little bit lost with all these important life decisions to be made.
People are high strung around me.
Fortunes are being made and fortunes are being lost.
Couples are starting and couples are breaking up.
Where do I stand in all of this?

My most important action for the time being is this one: recoup and forget the rest of the world.
Concentrate on what I want, not on what other people want from me.
Go to bed. Sleep. The answers always come clear when I sleep.

The more I avoid people, the less opportunities of "networking" and finding a job.
The more I see people, the more upside-down I am. What to do?
The Law of Attraction implies that I only should attract in my life what my thoughts are converging to.
What have I been thinking lately? Did I do my Homework?

No, I didn't. I was so taken by all the information read on the Internet with the blogs I'm following: Seth Godin, The Huffington Post, David Seaman's book, the last French book read (Marc Levy: "Toutes ces choses qu'on ne s'est pas dites") that my head was ready to explode.

 All these readings create questions of their own, demanding an answer.


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