Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul

Sunday 15 August
6:13 a.m.

At the first stretch of my body, sharp pain in my right knee, shooting a wave of instant fear.
 Ok. My work today will be simple: raise my vibrations and totally concentrate on something more pleasant. Apply what my late reading is inviting me to apply if i want to be in charge of my life experience.

Turning to books for directions:

"Seth Speaks" joins the Teachings of Abraham Hicks but in more difficult terms to understand. Some studying and re-reading will be needed on a regular basis if I really want to change.
Something is sure: i cannot dwell on thoughts of disease and expect to be well.

So let's move on: Two of my favorite readers said:
"Seth was one of my first metaphysical teachers. He remains a constant source of knowledge and inspiration in my life."
Marianne Williamson. Author of : "A Return to Love".
and Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of: "Ageless Body, Timeless Mind" said:
"The Seth books present an alternate map of reality with a new diagram of the psyche... useful to all explorers of consciousness."

At random, let's remember what Seth says:

"The soul or entity has complete freedom of expression. It changes its form to suit its expression, and it forms environments like stage settings, and worlds to suit its purpose. Each setting brings forth new developments.

"Your real environment is composed of your thoughts and emotions, for from these you form not only this reality but each reality in which you take part."

Maybe 10% of us on the planet right now believe in all this. But it will require  a complete shift in consciousness for the 90% remaining to effect any change of thinking in order to attain change in the "reality" displayed around us (disease, lack of jobs and opportunities to live a "decent" life, erosion of values and of our environment.)

If the Media would join in, the shift would be instantaneous and radical.
But who owns the Media?

Back to what concerns me right now: healing of the knee, the "pain-body".

"Each thought or emotion exists as an electromagnetic energy unit, therefore upon which a corresponding physical object, or condition or event, will in your terms appear."
This is a different way to explain the Law of Attraction stated in Abraham's teachings.

"The intensity of a feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important element in determining its subsequent physical materialization.
...... Your thoughts and emotions begin their journey into physical actualization at the moment of conception."
"You can readily see, therefore, how important your subjective feelings really are. This knowledge-that your Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Souluniverse is idea construction- can immediately give you clues that enable you to change your environment and circumstances beneficially."


  1. I will get the ecourse. So sorry I’m reading your comment 8 years later


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