The validity of the soul

Saturday, 18 September
3:14 a.m.

"Attention to 'what is' brings you more of 'what is'. The only way to improve your life is to imagine what you want it to be from now on."

How many years  have I been toying with these thoughts, unable to put them into action?
What magic is now operating in me and dispelling the cobwebs of incomprehension of the past?
Have years of practice paved the way for this sudden awakening?

So many things "bug" me with what life causes me to witness around me.
Today is Saturday morning, 3 a.m. In the Western world at least, last night was party night. People are going to bed at that time instead of awakening. Their minds are in various stages of consciousness: drunk, exhausted from the week's attention at work, looking forward to a programmed well deserved schedule of attention away from work, in various stages of decompression or concentration on their own pleasure (back to a more leisurely pace and attention to their family, their mate or themselves).

One or two days a week, people take the time to know and do only what they want to do, have, or be.
5 days a week (for duly employed people) they have been giving their mental and physical energy to what society (call it "work") asks them to do, have or be.

Big chunks of their vital energy have been spent in molding the status quo, powering (oiling) society's whims and wants, against a promised sense of security.
At the rate banks and insurance companies are getting richer by the day, this is a security scheme that is not working very well for the mass consciousness.

The Media is showing more and more fear in the public psyche. Expectations of worsening conditions is maintained with each News Broadcast, in print, electronic means (t.v., internet) and advertising messages.
Individual power is forsaken to embrace national power or global search of power.

But the meaning of the word POWER has been totally restructured, modernized, to mean something else than its original intent.
Singular awareness is being modified and now means adaptation to mass consciousness.
And mass consciousness is the puppet of the media.

Last night I was taking the pulse of the American awareness on the Internet.

° News from the Huffington Post. Pathetic.  President Obama incensed in every decision he makes to help his country raise above their own victimized expectations of doom and gloom. Being the scapegoat of the right wing white electorate. His ideology boiled down to socialism, communism in the mind of a racist majority. Such a ridiculous show of bigotry, righteousness and capitalist Western mindset is painful to witness.
° The satirist shows of John Stewart and Colbert say it all about America: a country of empty rhetoric where people want entertainment instead of personal enlightenment.
Oh, so frustrating!

Homework asked from the Seth webinar. The lesson of the day: "Know your thoughts and the content of your subconscious mind."
Reminiscing the details of Wednesday's first class where people said they had been studying Seth's books since 35 years and still didn't understand the core concept and could not apply it to their own life.
It sounds familiar...

No answer will be found in the human drama. All answers are back in the contemplation of Nature therefore.
Evolution is a personal state of mind.
I'm alone in this. The buck stops here.
 Connecting to the outside world is a show of confusion and conflicting beliefs. The Media is the next religion, bought en-masse, indistinct of personal preferences.

The raging surf in the background reminds me the little island constituting my outer world is affected by the passage of hurricane Igor far beyond our shores. The turmoil of the sea is proof to the existence of an underground connection with the rest of the planet. It subtly affects me, and yet I can concentrate on my own rhythm, the little voice inside.

The Art of Being is enough search for a lifetime.


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