"In times of doubt and strain, there is another phrase worth using: "I am grounded in my spiritual purpose, there are no emergencies"
Julia Cameron

Friday October 9

My entire spine is hurting, for having sat too long stretches at a time, over the months (and years?)
The world in which we live, glued in front of the screen of a computer, is not a world allowing us to keep a strong body if we do not practice some kind of daily physical exercise.

Yesterday, Hope was remarking (accurately) that the hype of cellular phones and especially blackberries will start a global health concern in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome (typing all day long on a miniature keyboard).

Witness of a civilization trapped by a world of machines (Aldous Huxley comes to memory), i can't seem to find a solution to escape from it myself.

Refusing to confront a logical reality,  preferring to choose to overlook everything as if daydreaming,
i am trapped by my dreams, following them without contempt and without calculating where they are really leading me.

Where is the exit from this nightmare i am living, in my own limitations?
So many of us now are sharing the same qualifications in our trade,  employers having the king's choice to choose the docile "subjects" they can model to their own liking. To live as an outcast of society is becoming a crime punished by a lack of opportunities.

Finding comfort in the words of Julia Cameron, from the book: "The Sound of Paper"
"Many times, when we are in doubt of our creative trajectory, it is because we are lacking in trust. We do not trust that a peaceful unfolding awaits our appetites. We are afraid to reach for what we want, afraid that as we reach what we hunger for it will be snatched from us. We believe in a capricious and withholding God.

Most of us live with a continual sense of emergency. We have a fear that we are too late or not enough to wrestle a happy destiny from the hands of the gods. What if there is no emergency? What if there is no need to wrestle? What if our only need is receptivity, a gentle openness to guidance? What if, like the Arabian horses grazing outside my study, we are able  to simply trust?"



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