leaving Anguilla

To leave or to stay?

I look around the house, trying to find something discordant to my eyes, nothing found.
I take the picture of the bed in B&W, trying to read doom and gloom in it, to only find another sense of beauty..

Lord Chesterfield, Letter to his son
"Those who travel heedlessly, observing only their distance from each other, and attending only to their accommodation at the inn of life, set out fools, and will certainly return so."

I can't see another reason to leave but the one to make a better living somewhere else.
Live a better life? I don't think so.
Where can I find this privacy, this peace, this total blending in nature

Where will I be in a middle of the countryside then a 5 mn car ride from total silence on a beautiful beach?
Where will I find friends  to count on both hands?
Where will I see the sky like a dark coat of stars every single night, with no neon light to compete with them?

Where will I hear: "Don't leave because I love you?" and "I don't want to feel personal by asking you to stay, go wherever you have to, know I am here if you ever decide to come back"
Did I hear undertones belonging to real family ties?

 I guess I will have to write that book about those who travel mindfully, closing in the distance between other cultures and their own...


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