no pain: no loss of vital energy

"In an age of information overload, synthesis is what matters"

Sunday, October 11
6:44 a.m.

Analysis of a pain, to understand who she is and how to appease her, and heal her.
she is like a shadow overcasting my joy of life..

the pain emanates from the neck, and chooses to overflow on the shoulders.
It can be either joint pain or arthritis

let's choose my own interpretation, without being influenced by anybody from the outside world.
man's judgment will be simple: i am sick of a disease to which they will declare war!

The actual debate on "Health Care" in the United States occupy the headlines of every printed newspaper, on tv, on radio and in the blogosphere.

is it the responsibility of a government to insure the health of all its citizens?
some are adamantly against the idea, saying that it will infringe on the civic freedom of every citizen, arguing that we will all be on file and represent only numbers (the policy state of a dictatorship)
and some are for it, having been fed the belief that the government is the one just below God, so it should take care of its sheep (having paid taxes for that privilege).

some denounce the "Death Panel",  who can decide (in consultation with the old folk) the person to whom they give full authority over the power of their own survival while they have advanced into a stage of senility.
some are saying that it is a very wise prevention
others contest that it will give the panel of judges the right of life or death on an old person, depending on her chance (with medical treatment) to stay alive while continuing to stay self-sufficient
maintaining the life of a lot of old people has become a weight too heavy for society, the government and the insurance companies
opinions on the questions differ widely, to reach a consensus and calling it a law is practically impossible.

every citizen brings his own fear with him, envisioning himself on the day (sooner or later), brought in front of this same death panel deciding for them if they should be helped with medication

it's interesting to study the differences of opinions according to the social strata interviewed.

in short, I stay away from this debate and I become the Panel of Judgment on what happens in the domain of my own health, which is more efficient and faster.

(it gives me chills thinking that after saving the banking system governments are going to strike a deal with insurance companies and that portions after portions of people's pay are going to be gobbled up by these major corporations..)

the last scam I've been a part of was when i worked for a Corporate Time Share in SXM.
my signed salary was of $3,000 gross yet I went home at the end of the month with $1,600 (after deductions) for 10 hours of work every day in an airco cubicle that never let any oxygen in.
3 months later, 12 pounds lighter, jumping at the slightest noise, my nerves wrecked by too much coffee, not enough sleep, my resignation letter landed on the desk of my manager, on 911 day.
keeping my vital energy for my own survival had become priority #1
that is the best health insurance I can think of...

but let's come back to the subject at hand: self-control, knowledge and mastery of one's body and mind to engage them in healing.

I will do it again. i have, in the past, effected miracles when science has judged me lost and condemned to a lifetime of medication in every disease they diagnosed.

the most difficult, in my case, is to radically change my habits
° instead of a cigarette and a glass of water to calm down hunger (allowing me time to rush, rush, rush more): eat and give to my body the fuel and the vitamins it craves
° look at funny movies to come out of this obsession about my little self and my problems (turning them into mountains)
 ° if the solution in in my hands, at my disposal, apply it without bringing in my daily life the vibrations of un-health I do not want

it's  so simple: stop intoxicating myself with negative thoughts and nourish my body properly, and there will be no more problem. stop doing what brings my body pain, rest it when it needs it.
a pain-free body is vibrant with vital energy.
that's a given.

of late, I have been going through a budding business partnership for the past 3 weeks, eroding my energy physically and emotionally, my creative juices squeezed like a lemon...

once I made the decision to stop (regardless of the fact that now this brain child belongs to someone else), the pain disappeared as in magic (a milestone in my personal journey)


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