Today I want to see what I want to see

Friday 23, July

Woke up at 5:25 with the words: "Today I want to see what I want to see."

One glass of hot water, went on the balcony while the coffee was passing, to watch at a strange sky. And like yesterday, I met gray rain clouds on the left, dark clouds on the right, and one patch of blue sky with the most incredible stripes of pink straight ahead of me. I'd never seen a sky like that before, so I needed to prove its magic with the camera.
If I paint it one day, who would believe i didn't make it up? Layer after layer of 5, 6 different layers of cloud formations paraded for me at the same time.

I did, indeed, see what I wanted to see!

And now, right this minute, the globe of the sun is slowly showing itself above the mountains.
This is going to be a glorious day in Paradise! A lady was saying yesterday at the supermarket that the wave of tropical depressions having hit us lately is finally receding.
Whatever that means... it spells beach to me!


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