The Law of Attraction

Wednesday, October 5
5:12 a.m.

Crashing waves at Mullet Bay heard very loudly, sounding menacing. Has the bad weather subsided? Last night, I closed the hurricane shutter 1/2 way, the wind pounding on the sliding doors to force an entry. It felt so cozy in my bed, no worry touching me, Abraham's words lulling me into sleep. As other people read the Bible, the Koran or any sacred text to hypnotize themselves into following "The Path of The Truth", I daily read The Law of Attraction. As the words become known and recognized, the power of belief takes over my consciousness.

My latest "Book of Revelations" is becoming my immediate solution to the challenges met every day.

First, i read "The Law of Attraction" and "Ask and It Is Given"by Jerry and Esther Hicks.
Then, re-read it to familiarize myself with totally revolutionary concepts.
 The words "I am worthy" resonated a little bit like the words "Paris is the capital of France". Intellectually, it was like learning a history lesson (in this case, a fairy tale coming from the world of imagination). Those words did not take in so easily on the emotional level.
"Yes but" would the sabotaging voice of years of religious background kept hammering, subtly but familiarly.
Catholicism would add: "You have been a sinner. Arrogant and decadent, deviating from the teachings we have been preaching you."
"You have burnt your candle on both ends" would the voice of Reason add.
"You are paying a karmic debt from past lives or even from this life" would the Buddhist teachings end up insinuating.
Popular belief reinforced "You are unworthy" in an insisting little voice.

Examining the contents of my conscious mind became a futile and excruciating game of torture.
My focus was totally concentrated on unworthiness and lack, and it became apparent everywhere.

And I kept on reading, re-reading, falling asleep on Abraham's words, waking up recalling them.

"I can't because..." was shyly replaced by: "I could if I wanted to."
In the silence of my heart, in the silence of my home, I started to call forth every happy memories of my past, and there were so many!
The light of hope replaced the darkness of self-doubt.

"You get what you concentrate upon, there is no other rule."
"Your point of power is now."

The technique has been to recall all the love and success I received and all the love I had given, and to flood my memory with all these delicious happy moments.
Once I became the observer of myself and my life, I became my own friend.

The Law of Attraction started to show me the manifestations of all these positive expectations.
There I was, at a crossroads.

"Attention to what is brings more of what is. Switching your attention to what you want will bring what you want to you."

 I decided to embrace this new game of life and make it the only game I wanted to play.
 ° Cutting off all influence from the media, discarding all painful memories, I started to sketch timidly the outline of a new Me.
° I switched to a life born from all the dreams I had of becoming this woman of substance I trained myself to be over the years.
° I forgave myself for stumbling upon the vulnerability, the shortcomings and the weaknesses of this lifetime.
° I finally faced my "dark side".

It was like flipping an imaginary coin.
"Heads" was the lovely, successful me. Happy. Healthy.
"Tail" was the ugly, loser me. Depressed. Sick.
The "tail" side is still there, acknowledged, understood, loved unconditionally.
I am no more ashamed of it.
It is part of the accounting of life.


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