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Wednesday August 12, 09

I have been lucky to live outside of my country for the past 29 years, discovering new cultures as i live in other places than the one I used to call home.

without a family, today i call my best friend a soul sister, she is always there when i have a doubt on anything.
this "want to know why" calls for deep and light conversations between us, like "show and tell" for the most part!

Candy has been a nurse for 30 years, she was part of the Civil Rights Movement in the 60's, she adored Martin Luther King and demonstrated in the streets in Baltimore with him.
a rock, my Candy! A mine of knowledge, wisdom, in an American mind, lulled by the medias of her culture, let's not forget it.
as I had been lulled by the information and the misinformation of the French culture.

we both question the truth of our cultures, religion, science and government are scrutinized by our minds in our peace movement.
Candy and I are born rebels, and our discussions are honest, intense and intelligent.
i particularly like her artistic knowledge, whether for the arts of painting or music (jazz is her big thing).
It's our discussions on medicine (allopathic versus homeopathic or alternative) that mesmerize me the most.

Candy's explanations of drugs and their "therapeutic" or hallucinogen claims are simply unbelievable to me (sounding like science fiction).
I hear the enormity of the damage caused to the brain, the psyche, the organs and the soul part of the humans involved, who are totally robbed of their free will under the influence of them.

The use (and abuse) of methadone and ocytocyn (particularly in the youth) are making me uneasy as a mother and an evolved human being.

the most amazing part for me is this one:
why would any intelligent being let die a healing knowledge remembered by their ancestors and the cultures of every "un-evolved" country (unable to afford allopathic drugs) and choose to gamble their health (like at the stock market) for medicine found in books written by the pharmaceutical industry?

why do they absolutely want to believe in "truths" that are being written in conspiracy and secret on an every day basis (disguised in the name of science)?
why don't they reach for an herb tea, a vegetable soup and some rest?
why do they keep losing their vital energy and sap their immune system by reaching to the medicine cabinet?

do we have, in health, the same collective hallucination than in love?

Are there electro magnetic impulses debilitating the mind in computers, cell phones and radio waves?
Are we "programmed" like in "Matrix"?


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