your true name is what you are, not who you are

Sunday August 2, 2009

Just finished a book; "The Akashic Records"
everything was interesting, but this passage struck me out:

Is my Present Name in the Akashic Records?
Your name in the Akashic Records is not the name conferred upon you by parents or the name of the family into which you were born
Your true name is what you are, not who you are!

Your true name, your nature, is the composite of all the electro magnetic qualities you express
In this sense, among even billions of people there are no two names alike. The shades of interests and their duration, personality and its variations, soul intensity and its mental and spiritual evolvement, and thousand of other factors, determine the individuality and uniqueness of your name, or the total magnetic reality of your being, in the Records.

Ralph Waldo Emerson long ago wrote, "A man is a center for nature, running out threads of relation through every thing, fluid and solid, material and elemental"
Was he not saying that what you think and what you do flows into the universe of primal energies?"


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