Guillaume Musso

Friday June 25
7:38 a.m.
Everything is in the mind, I confirm, Dr. Weill, I am a witness! In me, and in others...

Je reviens te chercherReading a new Guillaume Musso: "Je reviens te chercher", engulfing you in the story with the first 3 pages (as usual with Musso). A real talent to paint human emotions with very few words, in short sentences full of meaning. 
Stories always happening in New York or San Francisco, in opulent places, financial success stories, complicated hospital procedures involving coma or dramatic health surgeries, which tire me a bit. (deja vu)
Imaginary situations between life and death, complete with resuscitation... Far fetched stories out of the ordinary. I love the emotion of love told in his words.
Best sellers for sure. But I also have a down to earth scientific approach with "Health and Healing" to keep grounding me in this reality... which I do need.


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