"To Thine Own Self Be True" 

i can't possibly continue to write a Journal on paper at the rate of one diary per month, at the cadence of my moves, with 28 new homes in 3 different countries, this is too much to carry 

if life is an inner journey, i can write mine on the web, spreading the little seeds of wisdom acquired along the way

an artist wants to create and share her visions with an outer public, an artist's duty is to become the medium, the instrument played by the wings of inspiration visiting her
nothing exists if there is no awareness of beauty through the eyes of the beholder

Thursday 26 november, 2009
5:46 a.m.
Woke up at 3 o'clock with a serene and trusting mood. Reassured, i went back to bed for another sleep's cycle.
when i am in full creative mood, waking up at 3 a.m. does not pose any problem, i even have sometimes the impression that it helps me to soften time, and that this time i live before dawn, before people and animals awaken is of the purest quality. The air is calm, full of oxygen, without the interference of the human thoughts and the pollution of the cars
self unemployed since 6 months, really, what would be the advantage of all this time?

 it could be the time frame allotted to studies. My memory bank must be filled with a lot of useful information, and Meditation teacher, i can also use it in another country in 3 languages!
a passion lives in our soul, it can always be exported wherever we go, in as many countries speaking the languages we possess internally..

6:10 a.m.
dawn is showing off and my legs want to stretch and walk, but my first coffee of the day is strong and sweet, i don't really want to leave it behind

"Jicky, Jicky, some self-discipline please. this Morning Walk serves as a transition before night and day
when you walk, you are using all the muscles asleep since 6 hours or more, you oxygenate this mind and making it stronger to help you to consciously breeze through all the situations you will encounter in the day ahead.
you always want new experiences, this requires a flexible mind in a flexible body, so you will not break.
who helps you to get out of every situation, who helps you to evolve graciously in the crowd of people and events?
Your body, in alliance with your soul
meditate on it seriously
Do you want to enjoy an absolute degree of fitness?
i don't understand you.
are you going to stay inside ruminating instead of going out and discover Nature?
What is the use of a prodigal "Creator" if you live without the awareness of all this perfection?

"Don't worry, be happy. Relax. Stop worrying. Keep faith."

It rained after 3, just when i wanted to go to the beach
But after having seen all these people this morning i didn't have the time to eat lunch, and i preferred to go home instead of going beach

Marianne wants to give up her job as French teacher, and said i could inquire for the job. 8 hours a week 4 or 5 days a week paid US$650 a month.
she recommended also giving French lessons to adults at the Community College
Let me see online if i can find a good method...
Let me find out tonight in my sleep if it is a good job for me to teach 12 years old in a public school or kindergarten children until age 7 in private lessons
Will i be good enough to teach children and is it my calling?

 i placed well in evidence Osho's book on Meditation
I can't go on for the rest of my life smoking to calm my nerves down, I'm not free

 Meditation: The First and Last Freedom
isn't that inviting?...


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