Practice makes perfect- also for Crêpes!

"Getting in touch with your true self must be your first priority"
Tom Hopkins

Friday, December 11
7:50 a.m.

In winter, the sun describes a different arc, allowing me this morning some shade while sitting on the front porch. A perfect alize (an East breeze) speaks about oxygen, fresh air and health.
That's why i want to stay where i am, because it is a healthy choice, physically and mentally.

Life would be happier, much more bearable if we could laugh at our shortcomings, our weaknesses, and accept things, people (and ourselves) the way we are.

I'm carrying this collective guilt from our cultural consciousness:
° why don't i just settle for any job, pay the bills, scrape the rest of the money drop by drop,
° become less demanding about life and wait until the end of the financial crisis is over?

I just can't. These words now come to mind: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."

Will i be parked in the driveway, waiting for a ride, safe and sound, or will i drive on the roads, windows down, the scent of fresh cut grass hitting my senses, making me feel exhilarated, ready to meet fate and her next encounter?

do i want to die slowly or do i want to live fully?
that is the real question.

It just means feeling alive, trusting in my own judgment, unwilling to yield to the demands of society around me.
Do i have a choice, really?
i know the cost and the benefits of freedom: ultimately recognize that thoughts and events are of my own choosing, creating my reality word per word.

Crêpes. Time for the body now. Crêpes with mashed puréed banana on top. Healthy meal.

I flipped my first 2 crepes! Which means i had to believe (persuade myself) that it wasn't impossible to catch the crepe mid-air inside the frying pan.
° Stay one with the crepe, direct the twist of the wrist, follow her in her flight and boom!...
° catch the crêpe with a swift, precise movement again.

Theory becomes practice.
Practice makes perfect until trust is built, slowly but surely.

Then, life is the same than cooking.
Then, sex is the same than cooking.
They are acts of creation, methods of physical manifestation.

Then, meditation is the honing of our personal tool, our own guru or master being ourselves!

Then, the overall rewards become the reaping of our own harvest, a deep, inside sense of reliance, strength, self-respect, love at its own source...

Yes! yes to the life it uncovers, unleashing our own creativity...


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